About the Seaparankwe Group

This entity was established in 1996 as a sole proprietor by Mr JF Malemone, a previously disadvantaged black South African male. The company became fully registered as a close corporation with CIPC previously known as CIPRO in 2001 as a civil contractor and transport company. We further established new companies such as Maswi Dinose Game Lodge, Seaparankwe Asphalt and Seaparankwe Transport. A holding company was later established and named Seaparankwe Group.

Seaparankwe Group is founded on the idea that maintaining satisfied customers is essential to the financial health of the organization. With this in mind, Seaparankwe Group is always working hard to ensure that all of their customer's expectations are exceeded in all transactions. This initiative will also meet the national call for the creation of jobs and establishment of skills, especially among the previously disadvantaged communities such as in the rural areas hence we are a rural based entity.


Our culture of service is driven by deeply entrenched values and a client-centric philosophy of conducting business in a manner that differentiate us from the rest. We believe that appreciation of our love in market is reflected in the way we approach our core business that should be enjoyed by all the stake holders. We continue to uphold the following values that proved to be catalyst of our long term business.

 Integrity – acting transparently, fairly and equitably.

 Accountability – taking responsibility for our actions.

 Longevity – building a sustainable centralised services to clients

 Efficiency – optimising our resources to deliver reliable and accessible services.


 Our commitment is to identify, meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by providing a cost effective, efficient and holistic service.

 We provide a personal service by being readily available to our clients and responding to their needs within a reasonable time. We establish strong, lasting relationships based on service delivery, exceptional quality and our reputation for adding value.

 We provide expert and impartial advice and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and expertise.

Our Approach

We will

 aim to meet your expectations and then exceed them

 agree, with you a plan and a budget for each work assignment you place with us

 monitor progress, so that we can discuss and agree with you any departure from our plan and/or budget as soon as possible


To ensure that you receive an efficient level of service from us, we will:

 respond to any telephone call from you within one working day and reply to your correspondence (whether received by post, fax or e-mail) within three working days of receipt

 handle all your enquiries courteously and confidently

 see to it that you have direct access during working hours to the member of our staff managing your work assignment

 communicate with you in a clear and concise manner

 respect your need for confidentiality

Adding Value

To ensure that we provide you with added value, we will:

 keep you informed about the progress of your work assignment

 discuss with you, where appropriate, new ideas for your business

Quality Assurance

Because we believe quality service matters, we will:

 review your work assignment before it is completed so that we can make sure that we have done all that we said we would do

 on completing your work assignment, review our performance and carry out an appraisal of the members of our staff who have been working with you

Cost Effective Service

We will

 provide you with a value for money, cost effective and efficient service.

Seaparankwe Group is a winning company where everyone is imbued with a spirit to win; we are passionate in whatever we do to be the best, To work harder than anybody else, to know that our best is better than anybody else's best; To never give up no matter how difficult it could be; The Difficulties are viewed as challenges, which in turn are stepping stones to success and shared wealth; Seaparankwe Group is a respected company where honesty, trust, good faith, and professionalism are the cornerstones of how we do business. Seaparankwe Group is a caring company that cares about what it does and how it does it, which is always fair, and that respects every single person.