Management & Shareholding

Seaparankwe Group is a 100% black owned and managed company. We pride ourselves in having finest skills and experience in all our divisions. The founder (JF Malemone) has over 20 years experience in road construction, transport and farming. The company has assembled skilled and capable management team.

True entrepreneurial flair grows from strength to strength and the necessary traits are hard work, self-motivation, initiative, perseverance and commitment. We attribute this success to sheer determination and a long term outlook on our goals.
The Entrepreneurial ability of our team is recognised by:

 Leadership ability: Have the vision to combine our creative and entrepreneurial skills to be a leader in our field of expertise

 Originality of ideas: Unique ideas and flexibility to develop these in a commercial context

 Understanding of the market: Ability to spot gaps within it and exploit these opportunities into real solutions

 Risk taking: Ability to assess, enjoy and face risks, with the skills and initiative to successfully drive these ideas forward

 Interpersonal skills: Ability to sell an idea, negotiate and network

 Self-confidence: Possess the focus and ambition to support our original ideas

 Market awareness: Knowledge of the local market situation and their role within this

 Agent of change: ability to make a difference

 Real partnership that add value to our field of expertise

Occupational health and safety and quality policy

Seaparankwe Group considers the staff as the most valuable assets and we ensure that all the safety and health policies are properly implemented and followed at all times. If these policies are followed properly as planned the end result would be zero harm and danger free to our employees. Seaparankwe Group will maintain high OHS standard and we are motivated by the following standards.
- OHSAS 180001:2001 (Risk management within operation)
- OHSAS 180001:2011 (continuous improvement of OHS management system)
- ISO 9001:200

BBBEE Policy

Compliance to government BBBEE programme.

Seaparankwe Group fully endorses and support the Government with regards to BBBEE implementation and development programme. The ownership, management, employment and SMME development remain the key objective of the Government’s BBBEE. Seaparankwe Group through the guidance of The Department of Trade and Industry has and will continue to be rated level 1. It was achieved considering ownership (black), management (Black), Employees (mostly black) and procurement (Local businesses) and SMME (Support SMMEs).

Seaparankwe Group prefers to do business with enterprise that share the same values and who are prepared to contribute to meaningful BBBEE initiative.

Ethical code of conduct

Seaparankwe Group fully endorses and uphold ethical guidance as provided by King III of which the following are the company’s ethical pillars:

 Board is the focal point for corporate governance

 Strategy, risk performance and sustainability should be managed as inseparable matters

 Sustainability is considered to be a business opportunity

 Material matters should be disclosed by the board

 The SHEQ audit has been appointed

 Risk management is the responsibility of the board

 The Directors should always act at the best interest of the company by complying with applicable laws

Company Conduct

Seaparankwe Group shall at all-time refrain from any corrupt activities and we further abide by ethical of conduct any organization we are dealing with.

Risk management

 Management shall be responsible for implementing risk management process set.

 Risk management should be an integral part of the company’s day to day activities

 The process of risk management is a board’s responsibility

 Risk committee is appointed by the board

Appointment of the audit committee

Once appointed, the audit committee shall be required to provide the following assurance and shall form an integral part of the risk management process:

 The oversight of internal audit

 Risk and reporting

 Internal financial controls


 IT Risks

Employees’ conduct and corporate culture

Seaparankwe Group fully supports the provisions of employment equity act 55 of 1998 mainly relating to:

 Prohibition of unfair discrimination

 Affirmative action

 Monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings

Corporate Governance

The directors of Seaparankwe Group deem corporate governance to be vitally important and are unreservedly committed to applying the principles necessary to ensure that good corporate governance is practised. For this we accept full responsibility. These principles include integrity, transparency and accountability of the directors to all stakeholders. In pursuit of these ideals we want to exceed “minimum requirement” with due consideration to international trends and codes.
We have set up and continue to monitor sound and effective systems of internal controls, the assessment and management of business risks, the definition and implementation of appropriate business procedures.
Responsibilities are assigned, directed and managed for the purpose of administering and safeguarding shareholders’ interest and group assets. Corporate governance within the Seaparankwe Group is managed and monitored by a unitary board of directors and several sub-committees of the main board, such as; the audit, remuneration and the risk committees.

The chairman of the board is the final authority on issues of procedure and runs company meetings in accordance with the constitutive documents of the company, namely the shareholders agreement, memorandum and articles of association. In the absence of guidance from the documents, the chairperson applies the common law rules.

The board is of the opinion that the Group currently complies with the main principles incorporated in the code of corporate practices and conduct as set out in the King ll report.